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As an European artist from Ukraine I paint Taiwan in view of history, culture and natural beauty. People appreciate the colorful atmosphere expressed in my paintings about Taiwan and are motivated by the good old traditions vividly alive.

To me art is serviceable in regard of historical movement, ecological concern, social development and business vision. In all my paintings a healthy picture is always there. Clients all over the world are touched by nature wonders in Formosa.

因著神意我來到台灣, 以台中清水為第二個故鄉, 從我的畫中可以看出我對台灣歷史, 文化價值和自然景觀有另番感受。


我畫中繽紛的色彩氣息, 美好的傳統仍歷歷在目。


我的繪畫應用在人的需要中, 不管是美術教學, 歷史遺跡,

生態演變, 社區形象, 為人繪製肖像, 繪畫都發揮積極樂觀的果效。

在我的畫中您可以看到台灣健康的樣貌, 台灣獨有的美采。



20170809 小琉球.jpg